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ICGTD 2024

The upcoming 6th International Conference On Green Technology And Design (ICGTD) will be hosted by Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung (Itenas), West Java Province, Indonesia on September 26th – 27th, 2024. The aim of the conference is to bring researchers, academicians, private sectors, business sectors, industries, policy personnels, non governmental organizations to share and exchange their experiences in the conference.

September 26th-27th , 2024

Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung
Bandung, Indonesia

ICGTD 2024 will also provide a platform for networking and discuss new opportunities for collaborative research and outreach in Applied Artificial Intelligence for the following topics:

  1. Green Energy
  2. Green Building
  3. Green Automation
  4. Green Transportation
  5. Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment
  6. Green Information and Communication Technology
  7. Smart Materials and Adaptable Design
  8. Geo-spatial technology for sustainable development


Selected and Presented papers will be published in one of the following publishers:

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